Survey Assistant – Position Filled

Position: Survey Assistant

Location: Parramatta

As the Survey Assistant you will undertake minor field surveys and assist with field and office procedures in order to achieve client satisfaction and the Unit’s business objectives.

Key Accountabilities

  • Contribute to the provision of survey services by assisting in the process of data collection,
    analysis and presentation. May undertake minor field surveys and data processing for
    analysis and presentation.
  • Comply with WHS and environmental policies by undertaking relevant training and following Surveying discipline procedures.
  • Support the Survey Team by maintaining survey equipment and vehicles

Skills Required

  • Eligible for entry into a Diploma course for Surveying or equivalent
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of surveying and spatial data capture procedures and processes appropriate for the Grade.
  • Knowledge of the calibration of survey equipment.
  • Proficiency in the use of basic computer hardware and windows based software applications (for example WORD and Excel) and relating to relevant surveying practices and procedures appropriate for the Grade
  • Demonstrated understanding of and follows relevant procedures, policies, guidelines, standards and legislative requirements appropriate for the Grade.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in written and oral communication.
  • Demonstrated sound interpersonal and collaborative skills.

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