Business Services

Looking for ways to potentially cut costs and unburden your business resources? Do you or your staff work long hours? Are you going home feeling you will never catch up? If this is you, there is now a solution…Contacting Macquarie Business Centre (mbc) to handle your tedious Payroll, Human Resource and Accounting functions, giving you the time and clarity to make informed business decisions.

Most small-business owners have experienced the frustration of managing time sucking non-revenue-generating activities. It is estimated that business owners can spend up to 40% of their precious day engaged in the necessary but time consuming tasks of payroll, bookkeeping and human resources.

Small businesses are generally under 25 employees and the owner’s time available to generate sales and improve core functions is critical to the success and future direction of the business. In today’s competitive environment business owners are under increased pressure to cut operating cost and deliver value.

In assessing whether or not you should outsource, there are several questions to consider before you make a decision:

  • How big is your company?
  • What will the time saving allow you to concentrate on?
  • How much does outsourcing cost
  • How much control do you want over your HR functions
  • What services do you need?

New Business Ventures

We provide consulting services to set up new businesses or expand current business ventures. We assist with and prepare business plans, business structuring and new business registration. We are able to connect you with taxation, insurance, banking and finance experts.

Accounting and Finance                                                                    

MBC provides a select range of administrative and management accounting services to businesses. These include a full service for outsourcing of your payroll and accounting. We provide data capture solutions, budget preparation, budget tracking, cash flow forecasting, accounts receivable, accounts payable management, bank reconciliation, general ledger reconciliations, business activity statements, maintenance of assets registers and depreciation schedules. We offer customised management reporting to keep track of your business. This will enable you to make an accurate assessment of your financial position which will assist with your decision making.

Human Resource Management:

In this competitive business environment, almost every type of business faces the pressure of cutting operating costs and delivering better value and outcomes. To achieve this you have the option to outsource non-core work and handle core business functions in-house. Human resource management is one such business function that can be easily outsourced to save on cost, time and effort.

A very wise investment any business can make is having Human Resources handled by skilled, trained and experienced Human Resource professionals. Small issues can have a large price tag if not handled accurately and efficiently.

Whether it is maintaining records, reviewing employees,  implementing procedures, conducting interviews, managing performance, developing compensation plans, retaining employees or building employee morale,  you can get access to human resource management services at mbc.

Mbc is further able to provide you with employees fully managed, paid and covered by mbc insurances, placed at your business, removing the total burden of human resource management.

Managed Payroll Service

Payroll management is becoming an increasingly complex function, requiring a high level of expertise and focus with no room for error.  It’s a drain on your business resources that brings no revenue. By partnering with mbc, you will have access to payroll outsourcing services, time & attendance records, rostering and award interpretation, leaving you to focus on your core business, bottom line and business growth.

Partnering with mbc means you will have peace of mind that your payroll is fully managed. Most of our clients save between 20 – 40% off their current payroll related costs as a result of using our payroll outsourcing.

MBC’s payroll outsourcing service extends far beyond the traditional payroll processing. We provide full control and transparency to become your pay office, with online reporting & payroll access that make us a seamless extension of your business.

MBC offers:

  • Employee master file maintenance
  • Web based timesheets
  • Salary packaging
  • Payslips – emailed, mailed
  • Web based payroll queries
  • Payroll processing
  • Leave management
  • Third party Deductions
  • Return to work coordination
  • Award Interpretation
  • General ledger interface
  • Electronic transfer of wages and salaries
  • Year to date history reporting
  • Customised reporting
  • End of year processing
  • Payment summaries
  • Super remittance to choice of fund
  • PAYG remittance
  • Payroll tax reporting and remittance
  • Full financial year reporting
  • Terminations & redundancy
  • Workers compensation

Why outsource to MBC?

  • Complete  service
  • Trust and confidentiality
  • Experienced support
  • No hidden cost
  • Compliance