Employment Success

mbc have experience in assisting Indigenous Australians to transition into our client’s workplace through the use of an Indigenous Mentor. mbc have had numerous Indigenous employment success stories. Below are a few we have outlined :

Case Story # 1

Person 1 become one of our most reliable and trusted labour hire employees. Since 2009, Person 1 has completed work at most of the major construction sites in the Hastings area, with great success. mbc has recently provided Person 1 with training for his Blue and Yellow Traffic Control Cards, and he is currently employed as an mbc traffic controller.

Case Story # 2

Person 2 was selected to represent our company and joined mbc’s on-hire casual team in May 2010. She was selected by Essential Energy, initially for a contract assignment, but quickly made an impression in her workplace and earned a reputation for being dedicated and enthusiastic about developing new skills and having maturity beyond her years. We received glowing reports about her consistently high work output, her teamwork and effervescent personality. She was selected for training in many different aspects of administration within the Essential Energy workplace, and developed substantial database and systems knowledge throughout her assignment.

Consequently, Person 2’s assignment was continually extended until her resignation in June 2011, when she happily accepted a permanent role.

Case Story # 3

Person 3 commenced as a civil construction labour hire employee of mbc in June 2011 and has continued to demonstrate his love of the outdoors and ability to get the job done! He makes mbc proud and always does a fantastic job!