Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

For all Employees of DOB who may have access to personal information held by DOB including client, candidate or employee information.

DOB Enterprises Pty Ltd covers all and any information regarding Watchout Training and Traffic Control, MBC Nursing Agency, MBC Recruitment and Macquarie Labour Hire

  • DOB has obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 including obligations to:
  • only collect, use and disclose personal information (which is defined as any information which identifies or could potential identify an individual) consistent with the National Privacy Principles and the Act;
  • maintain the security of personal information, and
  • provide individuals with access to personal information held about them.
  • All staff agree to keep confidential: personal or confidential information obtained in the course of my contract with DOB. Confidential information includes any information which is not publicly available and which might be reasonably treated as confidential.
  • All staff will undertake to DOB that they shall process the Personal Information only in accordance with instructions from DOB and will comply with the requirements of DOB policies including DOB’s privacy policy and legal obligations under the Privacy Act.
  • All staff agree to report promptly to DOB any incident which comes to their  attention involving a breach of the Privacy Act, whether or not the incident arose from their own conduct.
  • All staff agree to take all reasonable security measures in order to safeguard any Confidential Information and Personal Information in their possession or control from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure and from misuse or loss by any person.
  • In the event that any staff breach their obligation under the provisions of any laws relating to privacy in the collection and retention of personal information including, without limitation, the Privacy Act, they agree to indemnify and keep DOB fully and effectively indemnified against any and all liability, loss, claims, demands, expenses and/or associated costs whatsoever which DOB may incur arising from or in relation to that breach.
  • At the conclusion of any employment contract or at DOB’s written request, staff shall return to DOB all copies of Personal Information and Confidential Information in their possession.
  • No private or confidential information pertaining to any activities related to DOB will be kept on personal smart devices, computers, storage devices or emails

Possible outcomes for a staff member who has breached this code may be but are not limited to:

  • Counselling
  • Career Development Plans
  • Formal Disciplinary Action
  • Referral to relevant registration board if the staff member is a registered member of a profession
  • Referral to the police in cases of suspected possible criminal activity
  • Termination of employment