Quality Policy

DOB Enterprises Pty Ltd provides recruitment, labour hire, nursing services and traffic management services.  Quality is an integral part to our success and is the combined responsibility of all employees and subcontractors.

The management and employees of DOB Enterprises Pty Ltd are committed to the task of continually improving the effectiveness and maintaining the Quality system. Our aim is to become a dominant force within recruitment, labour hire, nursing and traffic management services.

We believe that the key to success in this regard is our Management System – which is based on the international quality standard (ISO 9001:2015).

The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Maintaining a Quality System that complies with the requirements of ISO9001;
  • Establish a clear understanding of our clients’ requirements and expectation;
  • Deliver Projects and services that meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations;
  • Operate with a culture of discipline and compliance;
  • Operate with a culture that encourages open communications, entrepreneurship, and continuous quality improvement;
  • Ensure that our Quality System is continuously developed by giving our employees frequent training in its requirements and ensuring we fully participate in periodic audits and reviews

The purpose of the system is to improve customer satisfaction by meeting legislative, regulatory, standard, and most importantly the customer requirements. The system ensures the client’s needs and expectations are met by clearly identifying the client’s requirements and consistently providing a complying product with efficient use of available resources.

The system enables DOB Enterprises Pty Ltd to achieve their quality objectives and strategy by measuring continual improvement of the system itself and the business’ quality performance.

DOB Enterprises Pty Ltd continuously monitors the system through Processes and Management Reviews to ensure its on-going suitability and achieve excellent quality services.

Management will regularly review this policy and the system as a whole to ensure its continuing suitability.