WHS Policy

The health and safety of all those affected by our work is of the highest importance, and will therefore be addressed and monitored at the highest levels within our organisation.  Resources that are appropriate to the level of risk will be made available to assist in the elimination or reduction of that risk.

To demonstrate our commitment to this policy, we will:

  • Comply with relevant legislative and statutory requirements, and advisory standards.
  • Provide premises, plant & equipment together with systems of work that are safe.
  • Ensure the workplace health & safety of all people at work by providing a suitable environment, as well as the information, instruction, training & supervision required.
  • Provide personal protective equipment to staff and contractors
  • Provide adequate first aid, emergency procedures, and access to appropriately trained personnel.
  • Encourage consultation & participation within the company to promote & maintain safe & healthy conditions.
  • Investigate reported hazards promptly.
  • Investigate promptly any accident, incident or near miss and undertake corrective actions as soon as possible.
  • Monitor compliance with legislative WHS Management System.
  • Monitor our WHS performance.
  • Periodically review and continually improve our WHS management system.

Workplace health & safety is also the responsibility of all management, staff, and suppliers.  Specific WHS responsibilities for each function and level of the organization are outlined in our WHS policy & procedures, plans, job descriptions and contract conditions.

Our philosophy is that work-related illness and injury can and should be prevented. Appropriate consideration must be given to determining a safe and healthy work method for each and every activity.

Management will regularly review this policy and the system as a whole to ensure its continuing suitability.