Code of Conduct

MBC Recruitment’s employees are required to maintain high standards of integrity and ethical conduct that is consistent with the positions of trust they hold. We expect that all goods and service providers, clients and contractors and their employees respect our employees’ commitment to these standards.

MBC employees are expected to comply with the law and all relevant policies and procedures including all legislative, industrial or administrative requirements relevant to their position and any guidelines issued by MBC concerning the performance of their duties.

MBC supplies its Code of Practice to all employees, covering the values and principles of the organisation.

mbc employees are accountable for their actions and are expected to:

  • deal fairly, honestly and ethically with all individuals and organisations
  • avoid any conflicts of interest
  • all MBC employees are required to disclose any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest
  • refuse improper rewards or gifts that are intended to, or are likely to create the perception that, they may act in a partial manner in the course of their duties
  • accept responsibility and always be accountable for actions in accordance with delegated functions
  • always act with care, respect and diligence
  • ensure all procurement or disposal activities and decisions are fully and clearly documented
  • endeavour to ensure MBC will not disclose confidential or personal information unless legally compelled or given permission to do so

All communications should be clear, direct and accountable to minimise the risk of a perception that an inappropriate influence were being brought to bear on the business relationship.

MBC employees are not to solicit incentives, gifts or benefits in connection with their employment. MBC employees are not permitted to ask for any reward or incentive for doing their job. If a significant gift is offered, MBC requires employees to report this to their manager to seek written permission to accept that gift. Accepting gifts of cash or negotiable instruments of any value is prohibited.