Drug and Alcohol Policy

DOB is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment.  This policy applies to all personnel, on-hired staff, contractors employed by DOB, contractors in charge of DOB equipment, and any visitors to DOB’s offices.

The key points of this policy are that:

  • The possession, soliciting, selling, distribution or consumption of illicit or non-prescribed drugs is prohibited;
  • Personnel must not be under the influence of illicit, prescribed, or non-prescribed drugs or alcohol at any level.
  • Alcohol is Zero Tolerance
  • This applies to any activity, in particular it applies where personnel are required to operate vehicles or equipment, or work within the parameter of vehicles or machinery;
  • The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in vehicles or within any company operational area.

DOB will:

  • At the request of any worker provide any reasonable assistance including a structured rehabilitation program without any fear of reprisal to the individual;
  • Provide appropriate awareness and or training programs to workers on the effects of Drugs & Alcohol;
  • Reserve the right to discipline any worker who breaches this policy or any statutory requirements.
  • Directors and Managers of DOB are responsible for ensuring adherence to this policy.
  • Perform random Drug and Alcohol Testing without any prior warning.