with thanks

References of thanks from candidates to MBC…

MBC thank you # 1

“I want to say working for MBC has been wonderful. Everyone is so helpful, friendly and professional. I love that everyone is human not corporate and cold.

The work force skills, the experiences, the people skills, the hours and the personal growth I have gained have all prepared me for this next phase of my journey and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

As for Jo and Chandra, I need to say they are remarkable people and strong women whom I have looked up as women of success and grace since I have known them. I have learnt a lot from their wisdom, I have a great deal of respect and care for them.

They helped me not only on a professional level but on a personal one too, always ensuring I was looked after and knew someone cared. So as for myself being an asset, I thank you but I must say that the true assets are those two beautiful people and I am only, as such, a result from their guidance.

I constantly recommend MBC around town, I think you are great people and I truly hope others like myself can find you and have the experience I have had. I will keep in touch as best I can when I’m back in town and hopefully pop in to say an face to face good bye before I leave.”

Kayla H.

MBC thank you # 2

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the support over the last couple of months as I worked through MBC as a Property Manager. I enjoyed every second of my time there, it was wonderful.

All the staff at MBC are so helpful and I really appreciate all the care that was taken around my employment.

My best wishes for the year, I hope it is filled with smiles and success.”

Nicky R.


MBC thank you # 3

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you. You are a wonderful group of talented, dedicated professionals who truly care and have such a positive influence in people’s lives”

Renee H.


MBC thank you #4

“I started a 2 week temp job through MBC in January and kept going until May, I then got offered a contract. Thanks guys.”

Sandi J


MBC thank you #5

“Jo from MBC Recruitment helped me when I migrated to Oz, when nobody else really wanted to give me any chance! She believed, I delivered! 🙂 I work elsewhere, but would recommend all to have Jo on your side when looking for a job.”

Milica L

MBC thank you #6

Hi Scott

I can’t thank your team enough for your support and incredible professionalism over the weekend. It was an absolute pleasure working alongside your team. They were all incredibly efficient , courteous and helpful. Please pass my thanks into all your team.

Necia W

MBC thank you #7

Thank you, thank you, thank you and all your staff that I have had contact with for your support.  I have not had the pleasure of working with such a professional, friendly, customer-focussed team.  So impressive and I would recommend you to anyone who asked.  Your team stand out from all other agencies I have worked with and that makes an absolutely breathtaking change (I have worked with many over the years).

Jackie M

MBC thank you #8

Excellent company. I joined them about 4 years ago. Found work for me very quickly a couple of times and the last job I got through them ended up being permanent/part-time…that was year and a half ago and I love my job and am closer to full time now. MBC have also followed up with a couple of phone calls to see how I am going. Great service!

Lyn T


MBC thank you #9

I had a wonderful experience and great support from whole MBC team especially thanks to Pricilla who guided throughout the process from start to end.
I greatly appreciate the more personalized experience when Pricilla and Joanne spoke to me as individual and know me as a person not a number and everyone at MBC as same approach.
I have various numbers of communications with Joanne Love, Priscilla Stead, Monique Moore and Megan Adams via emails and phone calls. Every time they amazed me by their exceptional services with greeting and providing the right information. It felt like they are so proactive in meeting my needs and I never have to wait for a response or return calls.
Once again thank you and all of the MBC team for giving me this opportunity.

Jamshed R

MBC thank you #10

Absolutely Outstanding !!! Professional and very dedicated, caring, friendly, honest staff. Highly recommended – beyond reproach.
I have been employed now through MBC for 5years and have worked in two fantastic roles since. Jo and Chandra are amazing – they are truly dedicated and committed team of professionals who provide “true customer service” by maintaining regular friendly contact and always wholeheartedly supportive. I am proud to be representing MBC to employers.
Thank you MBC, Chandra and Jo

Cherie V